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Celtics Bald and Blogging

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Peter Stringer writes:

Who cares about practice? The big story today: Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins all shaved their heads, matching Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in the dome department. But follicles weren't the only thing that challenged the starters today; they dropped two scrimmage games, one to the white team and one to the gray team, while team white (second unit) won both of its scrimmages. Maybe hair isn't so bad after all.

Pierce won't say if he'll be staying bald just for training camp or if he'll go the entire season. "Maybe we should have a poll on," Pierce told reporters.

Would we ever deny The Truth? Ask and ye shall receive, Paul. Look for the poll on the homepage shortly and pictures are hopefully coming soon in this blog as well.

Also, Rajon Rondo and Glen "Big Baby" Davis updated their blogs today. 



In case you missed it, Big Baby was hit by a car yesterday.  It's ok, the car is fine.

ROME — I’ve got a little tip for you today. When you’re in Rome, watch the cars. They will knock you out.

I was walking to go meet the guys to get something to eat and — this is no lie — a car really hit me. I was crossing the street, and then guy slows down to come around a corner and — boom. The guy was like, "Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.'’ I swear it happened.

But the car was so small. He kind of hit me on the thigh, but it didn’t even hurt at all. I mean, it was one of those small cars that just fits two people. You see them all over here.

I told my mom I got hit by a car, and she was like, "Oh, lord, are you hurt?'’ I told her, "No, mom, I’m way bigger than the car.'’

The guy knew it, too. When he got out, he checked his car first to see if it was OK. It was fine. No insurance claims or anything like that. Everything’s intact. I just kept walking.