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CelticsBlog version 4.0: Phase One

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As you may have noticed, CelticsBlog has had another facelift. (You may want to clean out your cache and cookies to make sure you are seeing everything properly). Please take a minute to click around and enjoy the new scenery.

We believe very strongly in always moving forward. We understand that some have gotten used to the old site design, just like they did the one before that. However, we feel like the new layout, logo, and infrastructure of the site will propel this site continually forward.

A big thank you goes out to CelticKid and GoFetch Marketing & Design for creating our new suite of logo icons. We are very excited about the branding potential of these. Not only do they work beautifully on the site, but they are immediately identifiable with the site even when they are not attached to the CelticsBlog name.

And of course another huge thank you must go out to the genius behind the switchboard in back, Bob Day of SimplyAdvanced. Who knows where we’d be without him and who knows how far we’ll go because of him? An amazing man and a more importantly a good friend.

Many others contributed and continue to make this site hum on a daily basis, but there will be time to call them forward and let them take a bow in the days ahead. New things are abounding. We'll talk about it all more in the days to come. For now, please enjoy the site.