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Daily Links 10/30

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Blog Previews  Sacramento Kings
Sactown Royalty    

Daily Links   
Herald   For real, Pollard practices  
Barkley unleashes anti-Kobe rant   
Globe      High school season in Chicago forged Garnett's game    
Not just 3 for the show      
Trio has history of friendship      
Pollard progressing in small steps     
In triplicate    Celtics enjoy Sox celebration, Pollard practices, House not a PG   Rosters set for opening night       
Hoopsworld    Seriously:  The modern NBA      
Final Celtics training camp update 
Washington Post    In the NBA wins can multiply by the power of 3     
Denver Post     It's boom days in Boston         
Red's Army    Comic relief         
Bleacher Report     You heard it here first   Rondo's a go go       
Cheer up Commissioner Stern brighter pastures lay ahead    
Buffalo News   We love this game     
With Malice   NBA Thoughts with malice        
Daily Utah Chronicle    NBA preview:  Celtic super group        
Toronto Star   Eastern Conference          
Organic Broadcast Project     Kevin Garnett's top 10 career blocks       
LA Times   Morning has broken in the East          
NY Times    Tip off can't come fast enough      
Raptors Blog   Opening week and some not so complementary things about the Celtics    
Serious Sports News Network   New Celtics too intense    
Fox Sports    Gilbert Arena's Eastern Conference preview    
Offensive style will determine  success's experts make their predictions     
Wicked Local    She can dribble and so can he       
Sporting News   Eastern Conference is a Bulls' market     
FanHouse   Garnett really really likes Rondo's future    
USA Today   Will star trio bring rings for Celtics?    
Enterprise   Eddie House feeling right at home   
Shamrock Headband    NBA preview:  fearless predictions   
Comcast SportsNet   Interviews with KG, Danny and Doc