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The Small Three

The Basketball Jones is running through 30 teams in 30 hours and had this to say about the Celtics :

Screw it. Enough analysis of the analyses of The Big Three. What ever happened to sticking up for the little guy? Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Tony Allen are on this team and are going to have an impact on the outcomes. Some keys to success - Rondo: don’t turn it over, don’t shoot. Perkins: don’t turn it over, refrain from shooting if you can’t touch the rim. Allen: don’t turn it over, don’t shoot, only dunk during game play. Be safe, look both ways before crossing the lane and good luck!

Tas says: 2nd in the Atlantic, 5th seed
Skeets says: 1st in the Atlantic, 2nd seed

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