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Free Darko on KG's Legacy

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Free Darko had this to say about Kevin Garnett on Deadspin (warning, he admits to being a bitter TWolves fan):

Concern for Legacy. The old conventional wisdom, partially perpetuated by me, was to explain Tim Duncan's championship success (compared to the KG dearth) by essentially text messaging, "DUNCAN HAD ALL THAT HELP HE HAD PARKER AND GINOBILI IMAGINE WHAT GARNETT COULD DO WITH HELP." New conventional wisdom is, KG, be careful what you wish for. See, now it's like, Duncan grabbed those two post-Admiral rings with only Manu and Tony P by his side. If Garnett can't capture the Larry O'Brien trophy rolling with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen--two proven alpha dog all-stars--then really what is his fairytale? KG's career to this point has been chalk full of built-in excuses: Starbury's departure, the death of Malik Sealy, the failure to resign Chauncey Billups, lost draft picks because of the Joe Smith scandal, the Cassell & Sprewell contract flare-ups. KG truly loved his Minnesota situation, because it came with those apologies. One could blame Kevin McHale or Glen Taylor or the heavens for all of Minnesota's struggles. But now you stand at centerstage. And now the failure to win a championship will fall squarely on your shoulders. Ask AI (that formerly rugged emblem of underdogged Philadelphia) how he likes his legacy dying a slow baby blue death.