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Gilbert Arenas is the best player in the NBA...


Yesterday I started a blog war against Gilbert Arenas. While this was done in large part to pass the time until the Celtics opener on Friday, I have other reasons as well. So this is the second of hopefully 5 or 6 posts solely intended to provoke the ire of one Agent 0. To that end I had to call Arenas on his regular use of "not" when making a point. Consider the following examples from his blog

"For the last couple weeks people have been calling me saying, 'Are you coming back to L.A.?'

I'm like, 'Yeah, I am ... NOT.'"

"And they're like, 'No, they're talking about you and Kobe getting traded for each other.'

And I'm like, 'Oh, that's what's up. Sounds nice ... NOT.'"

What is this 1993? So in honor of Arenas' antiquated  usage of "not" I challenge him to a game of NBA Live 94 on the Super Nintendo. If he thinks he's "all that" I'll play anytime, anywhere and it will be "the bomb". No really it will be "slammin". Word.

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