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Daily Links 10/31

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Herald    Hondo checks in on Celtics     
Spurs extend Duncan's deal      
Globe    Big Three interview     
Celtics get great advice    
Eastern Conference      
Celtics players at a glance   
Celtics pick up Rondo's option but not Tony's      
LOY's Place    All for One and One for All      
Perkisabeast   Thirty Minutes with Perk - Part one of a 3 part interview    
ESPN    Star studded preview:  Celtics win the Atlantic    
Bulls to win the Eastern Conference     
Time for a quick NBA fix    
KG for MVP      
Season preview - fast break from A to Z      
The Star   Raptors will defend crown     
Sun Journal   Celtics will be more than a passing fancy this season    
Mercury News   Hudson shoots back at TWolves Taylor     
Green Bandwagon    Gilbert Arenas vendetta       
LJ World   Losing lottery stroke of luck for the Celtics   
Trading Markets   Prospects rising in the East but West still the best    
SouthCoast Today   Inside the Celtics:  Depth could lead to deep playoff run   
Star Tribune   Clock is ticking on Jefferson extension  
Utah Flash Owner's Blog   A lot has been happening     
Hoops Writers    Notes from the Celtics practice floor     
Hoopsworld   KG praises Rondo and Celtics extend him   
USA Today    KG and Ray Allen brighten prospects for Celtics this season    
BostonSportZ    Celtics season preview    
Sports Hubris   Celtic Pride back in Boston    Celtics exercise contract option on Rondo    
Hondo speaks on Celtic Pride      
The Association     5 Predictions for the 2007-08 season     
Gamecock Online   South Carolina's Wallace makes Celtics opening day roster    
Men's Basketball Wire   Preseason picks        
RealGM   Rating the Atlantic Division benches (Celtics get an F)    
Parquet Wishes and Leprechaun Dreams     Another Celtics diss       
Transcript of last night's interview on TNT        
Free Darko   A look at Kevin Garnett     
Fox Sports   Ten players/coaches who must step up    
Here's why your team may win
San Francisco Chronicle   Celtics will bring star power to the East     
True Hoop   Meet adjusted plus/minus     
Basketball Jones   30 Teams in 30 hours - the small three     
Sun Sentinel   Faces and places