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Kobe: Done deal?

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This one could be legit, or then again, it could be completely bogus.  We should know shortly, I imagine.  Here's the latest Kobe rumor, courtesy of our good friends over at Sactown Royalty (by way of RealGM) :
Pound the salt, baby, but a Chicago radio station is reporting the Bulls have a deal on the table, awaiting Kobe Bryant's approval, which involves the Kings. Apparently, Ron Artest and Kirk Hinrich and possibly another Chicago asset would go to the Lakers, Kobe would join the Bulls, and the Kings would get... something?

To me, if this isn't smoke out of [somewhere], Hinrich to Sacramento would make more sense... unless Sacramento was shedding an undesirable contract in the process, as well. I know Geoff Petrie was very high on Joakim Noah around draft time, and I think a kid like Noah is worth adding (along with enough expiring contract to make it fly under cap rules) for wasting Artest's time. But I still think Hinrich makes more sense in Sacramento than PG-heavy L.A.

I hate Kobe with a passion, as I'm sure many of you do, as well.  Still, Hinrich as the center piece for the Bulls to get Kobe?  Say it ain't so.  (And yes, I know there would be more pieces to be named.) While I'm skeptical, this could be huge news, so discuss accordingly.

Update: I didn't see the report myself, but there's a topic in our forums saying that Ric Bucher has reported the CHI / LAL / SAC fell through.  Much (or little) ado about nothing, it seems.