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New CelticsBlog Links Section

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We are happy to bring another new feature to CelticsBlog today and yet another new design. In our main menu you will now see a new item labeled "Links". This is not our old "Bookmarks" section revisited. It is a new self-building affiliate link-exchange program for all the sites we used to link to with Bookmarks. There are many differences between the two. This program is much leaner and more modern than our old links directory SW. It is more web-compliant. It has new features including personal bookmarking of sites on CB (can be displayed in a side column module here), a tell a friend function, hits, reviews, ratings and Google rankings.

It will also help us do some important things we've not been able to do before. For one, it is a true reciprocal link-exchange. We can make exceptions, but anyone who wishes can add links to CelticsBlog if they wish. It only requires that they provide us a return link. That's good business for us and them as well. Of course, it will all be moderated so not just anything is going to get published in there. The link-exchange will provide all of the information people will need to set up reciprocal links with us.

In addition to link-exchange, the new software also makes provision for a reciprocal banner exchange. This may prove to be a fun feature over time. We also have a new banner to share with other sites. It can be viewed here. The banner exchange will provide other site owners and admins the information they need to plug our banner into their websites.

The new link-exchange will also make it possible for us to offer a new, more direct and lower cost form of advertising on CB that we've not had before. It is called, "Featured Links". Those will be given prominent display in both the Links section and other places in CelticsBlog as well. Once again, anyone can get a Featured Link. Doing so costs $15 UDS per month and can be purchased through our CelticsBlog PayPal account as a subscription. To get a featured link, just click on the little button to the right of the Featured Links area of the Links section main page.

People can also recommend sites to us they feel might be of value to the CelticsBlog community via the new Links software. We encourage all of you to share your favorites with us. Well, that's about it I guess. I may fiddle the the stying of it all some a little more when I get a chance and we'll probably expand the directory listings more when the directory starts filling up. We don't have much in there right now. In fact, at the time of this publishing, we have exactly one link in the thing. We think it will grow pretty soon though and prove to be of value to both CB and its constituency.

We encourage all of our site-owning friends in the larger Celtics community to set up link swapping with us. We extend that invitation to all of our other friends, affiliates and visitors as well. We hope you all will enjoy this new feature.