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Central Division Slogans

Central Division

Chicago Bulls - The Bulls went with the very NBA sounding "Love it Live." When it comes to marketing campaigns I tend to shy away from slogans that are blatantly linked to the sale of tickets. There is nothing wrong with them. I just prefer cheesy or over the top. I'd like to write more on this but Basketbawful already analyzed it in a way that makes my attempts futile.

Cleveland Cavaliers - I might be the only one here but don't the Cavs have to lose points for going with "All for one. One for all"? That's just the Three Musketeers theme reversed right? And to top it off the Cavs roster does not have even have a Three Musketeers feel. There is a reason people call them the Cleveland LeBrons.

Detroit Pistons - I like how the Pistons played into Detroit's image by pulling out, "That's True Blue Collar." And the organization wins major points for celebrating its 50th season by putting the spotlight on Piston greats, past and present. And I hate a good number of those guys. See Laimbeer, Bill. Still very cool.

Indiana Pacers - "Buckle Up Baby." It is not getting a major push on the Pacers website and might not actually be their slogan. In fact it looks like they are running with a Jim O'Brien centered ad campaign. And that's cool. I guess. But it's a players' league. You think the Bulls and Lakers ever made Phil Jackson the face of their franchises? Doubtful. And yes it will be days until I get over these O'Brien inspired wallpapers. Possibly weeks. They're downright scary.

Milwaukee Bucks - Regular readers of Green Bandwagon know that I inexplicably loathe the Milwaukee Bucks. And after rocky summer in which Andrew Bogut mocked NBA culture, the Bucks defied China in drafting Yi and a disgruntled Charlie Bell was kept in the fold, one would think the Bucks brain trust would aggressively push something. That is not the case. Disappointing, though not entirely surprising.