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Daily Links 10/5

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Blog Previews - Raptors

Daily Links    
Herald   For starters they're much improved   
Celtics won't let TA jump, talking deal for extension     
Big Baby's diary    
Thursday in Rome    
Globe   For them Rome not a holiday, 4 players trying to make the team    
Celtics bond     
ESPN Insider    5 observations on the travelling Celtics      

ESPN   Garnett firing up his new team, makes himself at home in Rome  
LOY's Place   Ubuntu and chemistry    
Blazers Edge   Celtics preview    
Taking it to the Rack   Belated news of Kendrick Perkins running his mouth   
Sports of Boston   Celtics fantasy preview  
True Hoop   Celtics circumventing the salary cap      
Shamrock Headband  Some random British dude covering the Celtics     
Hoopsworld   Translation is same for Batista      
Parquet Wishes and Leprechaun Dreams   Our cast of characters     
The Canadian Press   
Bargnani to be center of attention in Rome against revamped Celtics   
Globe and Mail    An insider's perspective on Euro ball          
Comcast SportsNet  New videos from practice   Peter Stringer's blog updated daily      
Updated photo gallery      
Toronto 24 Hours    Raptors ready for Rome