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Celtics Video on TrueHoop

Recently Henry Abbot figured out how to post video clips. That's always far more exciting for a blogger than people realize. And today he threw up a clip from a recent Celtics workout.

I found this interesting for a few reasons:

  1. Granted there is background music and the clip was edited. Regardless, there is a positive vibe coming from this group of guys. I think Ray Allen will be far more important than people realize. And I'm talking about his presence.
  2. I'm always critical of Doc Rivers. I've been trying to come up with a response to the whole ubuntu phenomenon for days and I'm still flustered. But you have to admit that Rivers does have the ability to mesmerize people. I'm still critical, but he would be an amazing salesman.
  3. What about Rivers yelling "Yes Sir!" a few times in a row? That's Stephone Marbury's catchphrase. Controversial.
  4. Do people not like True Hoop because it is on ESPN now? I feel like everyone still goes there. Yet it seems like bloggers feel he sold out, which is ludicrous.