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Celtics/Raptors - 10/06/07

I'm not crazy about the pre season. Last year I caught Celtics/Cavs live in Manchester, New Hampshire. LeBron didn't play, Zydrunas Illgauskas dominated Theo Ratliff and I learned very little about the Celtics. Later in the pre season Rajon Rondo did this against the Knicks and hit a pretty ridiculous shot against the Raptors (1:10 mark). Then the season started and Rondo hung out on the bench. That said this is my first game preview of the season. They will get better, particularly when the prediction making Gilbert Arenas brings his Wizards to town on November 2nd. For now I'm just rooting against injuries.

Five Points about the Celtics

  1. Ubuntu makes its debut tonight. Let's move on.
  2. Jackie Manuel, Brandon Wallace and to some degree Gabe Pruitt (if the ankle is good) and Glen Davis will be looking to show something. It will be nice to see them in a non-summer league, non-college setting. More importantly Celtics fans get to see what a healthier, slimmer Kendrick Perkins can do.
  3. Reports out of Rome talk about Tony Allen's energy on the court and willingness to attack to the rim. Let's see it.
  4. Who plays point guard when Rajon Rondo sits?
  5. Kevin Garnett. Yes Ray Allen is important. And the press conferences and photo shoots have been nice. But for the first time Celtics fans will get a legitimate preview of the Kevin Garnett experience
Five Points about the Raptors
  1. Raptors fans have to be wondering if Chris Bosh's foot and Jorge Garbajosa's leg are healthy.
  2. Calros Delfino was a forgotten man of sorts in Detroit. I think he might surprise some people.
  3. Jose Calderon and Sergio Rodriguez of the Trailblazers are similar in the sense that hardcore NBA fans simply want to see what they can do.
  4. I like Jason Kapono's game. But now he's making more than 5 million dollars per year. That's a significant pay raise. The pressure is on for him to deliver.
  5. The Raptors just picked up the option for the third year on Andrea Bargnani's contract. Although that was a no brainer and not much of a story. However, his development, more than anyone's on the team, is crucial to how far the Raptors will go.