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Big Ticket Praise For Rondo

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Bulpett reports:

"I didn’t realize how young Rondo was," Garnett said of the 21-year-old. "And I didn’t know how good of a defender he was. I just thought of him as an average defender, knowing what little I did from last year.

"But so far he’s been phenomenal for us. He’s come in and he’s a very, very hard worker. You know I respect that right off the bat. He comes in and gets his nose dirty. He plays really, really hard. I love him. He’s unselfish. I’m trying to get him acclimated with Ray and Paul and myself."

Garnett paused, shook his head and added, "I didn’t know this was just his second year, man. If Rondo’s not good, it’d only be because he doesn’t want to be good. The sky’s the limit for that kid."