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Daily Links 10/6

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Blog Previews  Dallas Mavericks

Daily Links   
Herald  Repeat all he's learned   
Garnett gives rookies some treatment   
Celtics stars make a point      
Globe   All star trio growing up overseas   
ESPN   Hollinger's projected standings (Celtics 3rd in East)        
LOY's Place   The Show
New Celtics Slam Dunk Champion?        
Celtics 17   The Truth with no answer     
The Star    Celtics Big 3 creating a buzz in the NBA       
Toronto Sun   TransAtlantic rep battle     
Globe and Mail   Celtics embark on rebuilding phase    
One More Thing   Ubuntu pride - on the basketball court       
Sports of Boston   NBA season preview     
Hoopsworld   Coach O'Brien the difference maker     
Got Garnett   Preseason rankings part one    
You Tube  Pierce NBA Live commercial     
Sports Talk   Celtics notes:  Responding to a question    
Projo   Souped-up Celts are ready for first road test in Rome   
Parquet Wishes and Leprechaun Dreams   What exactly did we give up?      
Bright Cove TV    Interview with KG, Pierce, and Ray Allen    
Dallas Morning News   Why I wish the Mavs drafted Big Baby     
Shamrock Headband   Can't get enough TA     
Comcast SportsNet     Interviews with Fabio Anderle and Danny Ainge, fun videos with Leon Powe and Ray Allen      
Mike Gorman's video blog for 10/5     Peter Stringer updates his blog daily, including pictures of our newly bald starters