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Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors

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Raptors LogoPalalottomatica  Arena
Rome, Italy
10/6/07 2:30 PM
Comcast SportsNet , NBA TV 
From noon on, NBA TV will be running Celtics related programming. The pre-game show begins at 2:00 ET on CSN.

To help with your gameday experience, you can join us in the chatroom during the game or you can post in the game thread. Check out Raptors coverage on HoopsAddict, Raptors HQand The Raptors Den.

Key matchups to watch out for: 
Kevin Garnett vs Chris Bosh. Bosh is one of the best young PF's in the league and KG is one of the best ever. This should be a good matchup, with KG coming out on top.
  • Ray Allen vs Jason Kapono. This matchup pits two of the leagues premiere 3 point shooters against each other. Kapono has the edge in 3 point percentage (46% for Kapono vs 37% for Allen) but Allen has the edge in experience.
  • Doc Rivers vs Sam Mitchell. Sam Mitchell went from being a lame duck coach on the verge of being fired to being coach of the year. Doc has all the pieces right now to win and is going to have to prove himself this season. Coaching matchups are going to be crucial.

A rivalry has arisen between these two team thanks to Gerald Green's dunks that got the Raptors and their fans all up in arms. Many Raptors fans still hold a grudge and would love nothing better than to beat the Celtics. The Raptors are the defending Atlantic division champions and we need to send them a message that the Celtics will be a challenger for the division, the conference and the title this season.  

This is the first game of the Garnett, Allen and Pierce era and the Celtics would like to get off to a good start. Preseason games don't usually matter for the most part, but to the Celtics who are looking to make a statement, they will come out with a purpose. Chemistry may be a problem early with 9 new players on the team and the Raptors are basically returning with the group that won the division last season along with a few key additions. But, the Celtics have been together working out for several weeks now and hopefully, with a veteran team,  they have gotten to know each other well enough that they can come out of the gates with a win. Ubuntu!