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Celitcs Links - 10/8/07

Boston Herald
Rivers flooded with real joy - thinking championship. Green Bandwagon Note - I'd feel more comfortable if Rivers took the Belichick route and said things like, "we haven't won anything", "we need to improve every aspect of the game" and so on.
1st game goes on growth chart.
Boston Globe
London calling - as are ex teammates. Green Bandwagon Note - I can't remember the last time I was this interested in a pre season game. Should be entertaining and surreal.
Peter Stringer's Euroblog updated daily.
Celtics Blog
Swing it!
Loy's Place
Defense is the key.
Celtic Nation
Loyal to the game.
Bird like. Green Bandwagon Note - Bird won championships. I understand that he had better teammates. But in the NBA it is all about the ring.
The Basketball Jones
The Celtics, the Raptors.
Daily Motion
KG no look pass for a dunk. Green Bandwagon Note - Look how confused Nesterovic is.
Gerald Green ready to break out. Green Bandwagon Note - I still have absolutely no clue where his career is headed.
Sports of Boston
When in Rome, Celtics over Raptors.
Red's Army

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