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Sam Smith is Bitter

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SmithSpeaking as someone who (like Sam Smith) openly pined for Kevin Garnett for years, I can understand how he might be feeling bitter that his team didn't land the Big Ticket.  Still, that doesn't excuse this:

Garnett got a three-year, $56 million extension from Boston, which was said to be the deal breaker for Minnesota. Garnett wanted to remain with the Timberwolves, enjoying those long off-seasons, but owner Glen Taylor decided to stop overpaying for missing the playoffs and told GM Kevin McHale to get draft choices and salary relief.

At least four teams, including the Bulls, were said to have offered superior deals to the one Boston made, though McHale is telling people Al Jefferson will be a superstar. Of course, McHale is also telling people he's the Timberwolves' general manager, which few believe. ... Garnett, by the way, had 19 points, 16 rebounds and five steals Saturday as Boston opened the preseason with a win over Toronto in Italy. Ainge is said to have sent McHale another bouquet of roses.