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Northwest Division Slogans

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Minnesota Timberwolves - I'll make this brief. It doesn't get much better than when Mark Blount is featured in the banner on the Timberwolves' website with the "True Blue" slogan. Strangely Minnesota is making everyone part of the campaign. Mascot. Dance team. Everyone.

Denver Nuggets - Can you feel it? I guess. As a side note that might not be their slogan. It is a small image on the ticket section of their website. However, I will say that I love Carmelo Anthony. Maybe it is because so many people are down on him. Or because he is making a bid to be the best Team USA player of the decade. I don't know. But he definitely got me to stop snitching. That was unnecessary. I really like his game.

Portland Trailblazers - The Trailblazers have one of the best websites in the league. You should check it out. The "Select a Player" option is fantastic. So it was surprising that they don't have a noticeable slogan. Although the season ticket section has "Right Coach, Right Team, Right Direction." I guess that counts. For some reason I thought they were going with "Big Games, Big Stars, Big Nights." But now I can't find it.

Seattle Supersonics - "Be Part of It." Part of what? The Sonics final stand in Seattle? Why not just go with a Kevin Durant centered ad campaign? That's what everyone wants.

Utah Jazz - I love the way the Utah Jazz play basketball. That is exactly how I play. Well minus the athleticism, skill, precision, conditioning and everything else. But that style of play does not lend itself to the "Pure Adrenaline Rush" slogan. Sorry guys.