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In case you missed it, Hollinger projects players PER numbers for this year.  Here are the Celtics.

Not surprisingly KG (24.1) checks in at 9th in the league.  Pierce (21.31) is 23rd and Ray Allen (20.64) is 26th.  The next Boston player (Tony Allen at 15.5) doesn't show up till 104. 

ScalClocking in with a whopping 5.69 is Scalabrine.  Here's what Hollinger had to say about him:

The fear in Boston is that the Celtics' offseason moves will require them to give Scalabrine more playing time. The first two years of his five-year, $15 million deal have been a disastrous failure and there's no reason to expect any different in Year 3, but Doc Rivers seems to like him and Boston has a thin bench.