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Celts Beat Nets, Now 5-0

Box Score

Celtics 17 has an amusing recap of tonight's game. Here's the opening paragraph:
Typical game in Jersey. Lots of people dressed up as empty seats, Paul Pierce on fire, Vince Carter leaving with what looks like a career ending injury only to be announced later as a cramp and plenty of entertainment via the voice of Tommy Heinsohn. But this game had something most games vs. the Nets have not had recently, the Celtics winning in relatively easy fashion.
He also had some interesting words about Big Baby (who filled in admirably for Scal tonight):
If there had to be a BIG story it would probably be about the exploits of one Big Baby. He only played 17 minutes before fouling out but showed more than enough to give Doc Rivers something to think about. Davis had six points, eight rebounds, including six on the offensive end, two steals, two assist (including a no look bullet to KG after chasing down a loose ball) and a block. I’m of the belief that Davis should be playing 15 minutes a night and under the impression that it would greatly benefit the club come play-off time to take some lumps with Big Baby now. He has more upside than Brian Scalabrine and Leon Powe combined and a basketball IQ on par with anyone on the team. I feel really strongly, like House, Baby was meant to play on this team. From my vantage point he can be the guy that gives that extra dimension that nobody thinks this team has. Powe and Scal don’t have the ability to provide that.

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