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Celts vs Nets Recap

After finally getting back from the splendor that is the Izod Center (that is a ridiculous sponsorship by the way), I have a few thoughts following seeing the team live for the first time.  If you're looking for a detailed recap check out the AP story

  • The Izod Center is d-e-a-d dead.  The most prominent banner they have hanging up is that Bruce has played there 35 times.  Just an embarrassment.  I would say the stadium was 30-40% Celtics fans. 
  • Tommy appeared to be snoozing on the bench about 30 minutes before the game.  He was sitting alone and barely stirred.  Maybe he was just thinking of new exclamations to shout out when there is a bad call.  He definitely could have used them tonight.
  • I can't describe in words the joy that is seeing KG in a Celtics jersey. 
  • It was great to see Doc at the game. Tough day for the Rivers family. 
  • The 1st quarter was very uneven by the Cs.  As I recall lots of bad fouls, weird offensive sets and a general slop factor one typically sees on game 2 of a back to back.
  • Pierce was scoreless in the first quarter, but came alive, and along with Ray help to nose the Celts ahead at the half. 
  • Joe Derosa and Jack Nies really made a concerted effort to blow the whistle a second or two after the play.  Some of those were bad calls, some were annoyingly late.  KG was right to get that technical, the whistle was way late for about the 4th time in a row.
  • TA has a rough game with some poor defense - the Nets really attack him and make him look bad, even last season.  He also totally messed up one offensive set as Rondo shoved him into the right position on the court. 
  • The half time entertainment was brought to us by a former NBA player who now has his on smooth-jazz album.   Who is this player....?  Wayman Tisdale .  Yeah that Wayman Tisdale .  Totally random and totally amusing.  He wasn't bad.  Unfortunately it appears that Wayman permanently walks with a cane.  Wayman also caught a t-shirt during a tv timeout.  (now there is some biting insight you won't see in the globe or herald tomorrow) 
  • How about that Big Baby Davis!!!  Despite the 6 fouls, 2 of which were lousy call, BBD was fantastic on the glass, had a few good passes and generally was very impressive. 
  • I didn't really keep track, but it appeared that Rajon got stuffed 4 times tonight?  Not his best night, but he hit his jumper tonight which is great to see.
  • Ray Allen is so smooth, you barely notice that he's got as many points as he does.  He is so much better than I expected he would be. 
  • Wince Carter's ankle sprain happened right in front of me.  It was gross to watch and looked quite painful. 
  • The run up to 20 points again was joyous.  This is a fun team to watch.  Pierce appeared to zone in for a few moments stroking some nice 3s. 
  • The ride back down to the final outcome wasn't really that tense for me.  I never felt the Celtics were in any real trouble, although I was not pleased that Eddie House decided to leave Darrel Armstrong on a few late possessions which turned into 3s. 
I strongly urge everyone to get a ticket and get to a game in person.  To steal a quote from Ferris Bueller "It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."


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