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Stuff I Love

There has been so much to love this year so far, I just thought I'd start a list.  Feel free to add your own items in the comments section below.
  • Everything about Kevin Garnett.
  • Paul Pierce taking charges on defense.  My how times have changed.
  • Ray Allen always under control, always at his own pace.
  • Eddie House from the corner.
  • House and Ray Allen with the quickest releases I've seen on the Celtics.
  • Every time Rondo hits a midrange jumper.
  • Perkins and Garnett swallowing up a post player under the basket.
  • Boston fans in the TD Banknorth Garden.
  • Big Baby Davis, the new fan favorite.
  • Leading the league in opponents' field goal percentage.
  • Hearing Bob Cousy actually impressed with the Celtics.
  • Ball movement and seeing the ball passed 3, 4, or even 5 times in an offensive set.
  • That move where Pierce feels the opponent's hand on him, and swings his arms up to draw the foul.
  • Every time Perkins dunks.
  • Adding two points to the score in my head as soon as Ray Allen steps to the line.
  • Few second chance points by the other team.
  • Rondo penetrating easily even though defenders are playing off him.
  • Being blissfully unaware of who is at the top of the early draft projections.
  • Pierce posting up.  Pierce driving the lane.  Pierce passing up 3 pointers.
  • The absence of the Doc Rivers "befuddled" face.
  • Opposing coaches with the "befuddled" face.
  • 20 point leads.
  • Teammates sprinting over to pick up a player lying on the floor.
  • Wide open 3 point looks with nobody within 10 feet.
  • Winning basketball, period.

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