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I'm watching Nuggets/Cavs on NBA TV. I bring this up because even though LeBron James just got away with a complete mugging and hit a couple of jump shots, the Nuggets are dominating. Other points of interest.

  • For reasons that will never be entirely clear NBA TV got up close and personal with Allen Iverson as he argued a call. That's just a F Bomb waiting to happen. And yet I did not hear one. Big disappointment.
  • No really the LeBrons are getting smoked. The score is 86-61.
  • All kidding aside LeBron is so gifted that when he makes a lazy pass that leads to a turnover it really looks like he does not care. To be clear I do think he cares. But his all world talent makes his mistakes look worse. That made sense in my head.
  • Daniel Gibson, Ira Newble, Damon Jones and Devin Brown are on the floor with LeBron. The '97 Bulls they are not.