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Ya Grows Up and Ya Grows Up

davis.jpgOne of the feel-good stories of this year has been the surprisingly quick progress of Big Baby Davis.  I always thought he had more potential than Leon Powe, but I figured Powe had much more experience on him and would be ahead of him on the depth chart at least until the All Star break.

However, it seems that Big Baby has grown up a little faster than we thought.  With the team already missing James Posey and losing Brian Scalabrine for the last game, they called Glen's number and he delivered a spark off the bench.  He also seems to be the first sub in at the end of games that are well in hand, meaning the staff is trying to maximize his court time.

Now we learn that Davis has decided to shut down the blog he had been running on the Boston Herald.
"I want to get down to business," said Davis, who punched New Jersey’s clock Saturday in his first meaningful NBA appearance. "I haven’t done anything yet, so I think I should just be doing my work and staying focused, you know? I don’t want to draw any attention to myself, except on the court.

"That’s the approach I want to take now. So until ‘Big Baby’ gets a little more manly and becomes a player, I’m going to just keep to basketball."
He's quickly become a fan favorite.  He has a great combination of skill, personality, and should I put this, unique physique.  He is surprisingly quick and agile for such a large bodied human.  There have been other large basketball players like Oliver Miller and Charles Barkley.  But the closest thing I can think of as a comparison is Warren Sapp.  Not that Davis is anywhere near that large.  I just think of how quickly Sapp moved in his prime compared to the other players of his girth.  Combine that with the fact that Davis isn't afraid to sling that weight around the paint, and you've got a fun to watch player.

Of course it doesn't hurt that he's got a wonderfully fun personality.  Off the court he's always smiling, joking, giggling, whatever.  There are YouTubes of him dancing and singing.  In the Final Four, he celebrated by wearing a boa.  Basically he's a big ham.  You can't look at that "big baby" face and not smile. 

On the court he's much more serious, but just as entertaining, especially when he's nose to nose with Kevin Garnett (ok, maybe nose to forehead) screaming his lungs out, trying to match that trademark intensity.

Whatever he's doing, I hope he keeps it up.  He could be a valued member of the bench come playoff time.  He's fun to watch and if he helps us win basketball games, he'll be even more of a fan favorite. 

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