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Boston Celtics vs. New Jersey Nets: 11/14/07 - Open Game Thread

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Go Celtics.

Here's a point about the Nets in general and Richard Jefferson in particular. Remember when Jefferson annoyed Gilbert Arenas last summer because of a donation to Arizona. True Hoop was all over it. Well two and a half months later and Arenas is struggling to come back from his knee injury and his team stinks. Meanwhile, Jefferson is in the midst of a career year. Maybe those Arizona rankings are not set in stone. Two final points:

  • It was definitely one of those occasions where a guy (Arenas) was joking around. And yet you get the sense that Agent 0 was a bit annoyed and it was not entirely a joke.
  • I think the "selfish gym" incident as I like to call it marked the start of Arenas falling out of favor. I still enjoy everything about him but notice a lot more negativity towards him this year. And yes a lot of that has to do with his Celtics prediction. Regardless it is an interesting development.  
Moving on. The Cooz is in the house! Can his new found optimism continue?