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101 Ways To Say "KG is Intense"

Bill Simmons picks the Celtics to be first in the East.  No surprise there.  Also no surprise is that Simmons spent most of the paragraph on the C's talking about how intense KG is.  I think we've officially ran out of ways of saying it.
Reason No. 12,366 why I love the NBA: You can't even imagine KG's crazed demeanor during these home games in Boston with a great crowd pumping him up. He looks like Jonathan Papelbon coming out of the bullpen with a one-run lead, only he stays like that for two and a half solid hours. It's incredible. His teammates are alternately enthralled and terrified by him, and honestly, so are the fans. He's a man on a mission. He's possessed. He's a borderline lunatic. Remember when Ronnie Lott had half of a broken pinky amputated so he wouldn't miss the '85 playoffs? You get the feeling that KG would do the same so he wouldn't miss a mid-January home game against the Hornets.

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