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I'm A Fan Of YardBarker

You may have noticed some banner ads for one of our sponsors called YardBarker, so I can see how this might come across as kinda biased.  But I'm telling you, I really like this YardBarker thing. 

Basically it is kind of a mash up of MySpace, sports blogs, and Digg.  I guess it is a competitor to BallHype but both sites are good in their own right.  YardBarker is obviously trying to differentiate themselves as a place that has athletes blogging, like our own Rajon Rondo or our former obsession Greg Oden.  (We can only hope Delonte West someday adds his name to the list) But I've been having fun reading all the blurbs about other people's blogs, giving them a thumbs up, discovering new blogs, and seeing a little more of the big ol' blog world out there. 

Maybe it is because I never got into the MySpace/Facebook craze and this seems new to me.  Or maybe because I find it hard to sift through all the articles in my RSS reader.  Either way, I'm having fun with it for now.

You can see my page here, you can see FLCeltsFan's page here, or you can look around for other good blogs or start your own.  Just thought I'd point it out to you.  Enjoy.

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