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Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: 11/16/07 - Game Preview

Five Reasons the Boston Celtics Need to Beat the Miami Heat.

1. Rick Davis and Mark Blount. I don't want to see either of them hit a game winning shot and follow it up with a joyous celebration like last season. Although I have to admit that I enjoyed the Rick Davis era as much as the next guy and the Celtics recent success has made me care a lot less about Blount's underachieving ways.

  1. Dwyane Wade is not quite 100% and last time I checked the Heat are still managing his minutes. It would be a bit of let down to lose to his team, and it is very much his team, given the circumstances right now.
  2. Every time I turn around Pat Riley is giving a whiny press conference where he talks tough and tries to motivate his squad. Enough is enough. Just fax in your resignation already. And yes I understand that Riley has taken credit for the mess he put together. However, he seemed a lot more genuine when he took credit for drafting Dwyane Wade and trading for the Diesel.
  3. For James Posey and screw it, Antoine Walker too. Riley publicly chastised both of them for their conditioning last year and Walker again prior to his banishment to Minnesota. And that's fine. But that is a little hollow if Riley is not going to call out Shaq who is no beacon of physical fitness at this point in his career.
  4. The Artist Formerly Known as Shaq. It started two years ago when Ben Wallace embarrassed Shaq in the playoffs (see clip below). Granted Wallace's timing was excellent, as Hubie Brown notes, he threw his entire weight into the effort and Shaq never saw it coming. But Lakers Shaq would have broken some part of Wallace's body.  Things got worse for the Diesel last season with the Bulls playoff loss really putting an exclamation point on his decline. And now Eddy Curry is taking it to him. Furthermore, anyone and everyone who has seen him play this season, has numerous examples of Shaq's limitations. I don't want to see him have a one-night revival.

Celtics Notes

As a Celtics fan I am torn right now. The team is winning and relevant, which is all I wanted. At the same time I do worry that they are peaking to soon. Yes they needed to come out of the gates strong. But it is only November. In the big picture it just does not matter as much as May and June.

Other Questions:

Will Scot Pollard give the C's anything tonight? They may need him given the Heat's depth at the center position.

Can Rajon Rondo put together a strong performance?

How long can Kendrick Perkins make it before he picks up his second foul? 5 minutes?

In closing don't forget to check out Ira Winderman's Miami Heat blog. He's been covering the team since Glen Rice and Rony Seikaly were in the house. Harold Miner too.

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