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Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: 11/16/07 - Open Game Thread

You know who I am most excited to watch play tonight? Penny Hardaway. I know he's 36, his knees are shot and John Thompson Sr., for reasons that are still unclear, tried to berate him into retirement a few years ago. But I always liked Hardaway. And I loved Lil' Penny. And as the clip below reminds us Lil' Penny goes way back with Kevin Garnett.

That commercial brings up so many questions?

  • Was that before KG signed with Adidas?
  • Was KG ever with Nike?
  • Was Nike recruiting KG with a Lil' Penny ad?
  • Can I make this post with out the greatest Lil' Penny commercial ever.
I'm not sure about the first three questions. But I can answer the last one. No. Enjoy:

"I know my spot fool!"
"You can't guard me. The Secret Service couldn't guard me!"

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