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It's The Supporting Cast Stupid

Big time players that don't win are often pointed at as being the cause for the team's problems.  But as we've seen with Garnett, Pierce, and Ray Allen, it is probably moreso the team around them.  See this quote from Danny Ainge in the Globe today:

"One of my pet peeves," says Danny Ainge, "is that when a team doesn't do well and has a great player, that it's always the great player's fault. Usually, it's the other players that are playing with that great player. We, as management, we wonder, too. Are those players good enough to carry a team? I understand there are questions about all players when they don't win. You always question the general manager, coach, the star player first, typically. But it's almost always the other players around those star players."

Remember that the next time you criticize Pau Gasol.

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