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Daily Links 11/16

Herald   Rondo makes the jump     
Globe   Celtics claim their share of the spotlight    
Green power       
Finally they've got Garnett surrounded      
Celtics ratings boom     
MetroWest Daily   Thanks Twin Cities        
Style points no concern       
ESPN    Hollinger's power rankings     
Best team ever?  Celtics vs Bulls      
Video:  How good are the Celtics?      
Perkisabeast     Interview with Brandon Wallace      
No hype only perfection      
M&M Boston   On the brink of 73?    
BC Heights   Hey Boston, does your fanhood need questioning?    
Connecticut Post   Zero means nothing     
MSNBC   If Knicks buy out Marbury, Celtics could fit    
Patriot Ledger   Celtics continue to work to get better   
Tony Allen points the way    
Daily News Tribune   Celtics in good standing     
Eagle Tribune   Higher learning Star power rubbing off on Celts' young players   
Worcester Telegram   PGA  stats may not pay off    
Hoopsworld   Up close with Al Jefferson    
Gloucester Daily Times   On point Rondo impressive early    
Bleacher Report   Celtics make believers   
Miami Herald   Garnett sets pace for unbeaten Celtics     
Fox Sports   Seventy?   I doubt it       
We're seeing just how good Kevin Garnett is     
Celtics Insiders   Two takeaways   
Boston Daily   Those unbeaten Celtics     
Boston SportZ   Celtics caption contest      
Parquet Pride    Multiple personalities     
The Mighty Q    At 7-0       
Lex Nihil Novi     A few facts about the 72-73 Celtics

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