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Tom Thibodeau on TrueHoop

Head over to TrueHoop and check out Henry Abott's interview with Tom Thibodeau. To be honest nothing will blow you away but it is nice to learn a little about Thibodeau. And he does hit the nail on the head by calling Kevin Garnett a "multiple effort guy". Think about how many times KG goes out of his way to fight for rebounds. Also thanks to Celtics Blog for pointing my attention to Peter May's article about Doc Rivers' gag order for Thibodeau. So that interview may be a rare thing.

As a side note take some time and read May's column. Does the following quote make any sense?

"If we had stayed young, it was going to be Larry with his teaching and fundamentals. I believed these young guys had heard my voice over and over and they needed to hear someone else preach it. But once we got veterans, I was thinking Tom all the way because of defense, defense, defense. And I knew Larry didn't want to coach veterans." - Doc Rivers

That's Larry as in Larry Brown. Since when did Brown like working with young guys. He's the same coach that buried David Lee, Trevor Ariza and company behind Malkie Rose and other washed up veterans. Although Brown is one of the best teachers in the game. Perhaps he would have worked with the young guys in practice. Of course I can see Brown undermining a head coach. Strange.

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