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Celtics Are "Punks?"

I'm not trying to start a blog war here, so don't go over and flame this guy's site.  However, he put it out there, so I'm going to pass it on for you to read and either agree with or disagree with (with civility and class I hope).

Believing In Magic says...

It was a playoff atmosphere in Orlando as the Magic (9-2) beat the punks from Boston (8-1) 104-102 Sunday night. That’s right, I said punks. The Magic overcame Celtic cheap shots, questionable officiating, and not to mention the wrath of three tremendous All-Stars, to give the Magic a tremendous W.

I called the Celtics punks and I’m sure some Boston fans might get mad, but from my perspective that’s exactly what they were, so I will validate my claim. I understand going to the "Hacka Howard" technique and I advocate delivering tough fouls, but the Celtics took plenty of cheap shots. Goons like Scott Pollard and Brian Scalabrine came in and fouled Dwight, which again, I get. However, they didn’t just foul him, they grabbed by the neck and pulled him down hard. Kendrick Perkins had two hands around Howard at one point and looked like he was tackling him. Then after these fouls, the Celtics had the nerve to whine and cry to the referees…

I was proud of the way Dwight handled himself. Usually he is smiling and joking but he wasn’t against the Celtics. Dwight got hacked on plenty of occasions and he made sure the Celtics didn’t get away with it as he shoved them off. In fact, Howard got in several altercations after some specifically hard fouls. He still kept at it and really developed as a player last night, showing mental and physical toughness against a great team…

By the way, hat tip to Green Bandwagon that found the link first.

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