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Boston Celtics/Washington Wizards: 11/2/07 - Open Game Thread

Since the game is on ESPN will Tommy Heinsohn and Mike Gorman get blacked out? Yes it has been that long since the Celtics were on national TV. And if the answer is no it raises another question. Which broadcast do I watch? Can I really turn my back on Tommy when he's good for at least one Kevin Garnett inspired maniacal laugh? Tough call but I've got a plan. I'll watch the ESPN game so I can enjoy the fact that the Celtics are on ESPN. But I'll DVR the Comcast, or whatever the hell it is called now broadcast. Then I'll watch that at some point to get Tommy's incredibly biased take and maybe track a player's time on the court like I did with Big Baby a while back.

In the meantime let's enjoy the show.

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