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Daily Links 11/22

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Herald   Turkeys for a while, but C’s then gobble up a win   
All right now but defense may get even better     
Just Nellie being Nellie     
Posey's able to go fourth and prosper      
Globe    In the Groove     
Nelson worthy of calling      
Family ties on the schedule      
Globe Celtics Blog - various reports on last night's game     Post ups notebook 
LOY's Place   Celtics continue domination at home     
Celtics 17   C's get back on track     
Hoopsworld   What does it take to impress Stephen Jackson?    
Celtics 24/7    Just another night at the Garden      
Sports of Boston    Back to business for the Celtics    
WEEI    Danny Ainge on The Big Show    
Fouled Out   Celtics post an impressive 9-1 record after 10 games   
SF Chronicle   Put in their place    
Sox and Dawgs    Celtics snap long losing streak    
Star Telegram   Who knows the value of a star player?   
The Ledger   Howard is NBA's early MVP    
Boston Now   Scroll to page 12 for Patrick Gilroy's new column    
CBS Sportsline   No Celtic has more to be thankful for than KG    
After all that offseason splash East still weak      
Shamrock Headband   81-1!!!   
Lex Nihil Novi    The Danny Ainge Celtics gone wild video     
Worcester Telegram   Airing Celtics dream of a job     
Celtics start new streak      
Connecticut Post     Celtics rebound to beat the Celtics        


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