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Boston Celtics @ Charlotte Bobcats: 11/24/07 - Game Preview

Records Celtics 10-1, Bobcats 6-6
Projected Starting Lineups
Celtics: Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins
Bobcats: Raymond Felton, Jason Richardson, Emeka Okafor, Gerald Wallace?, Primoz Brezec

Match up Notes

I like Emeka Okafor's game as he rebounds and blocks shots. However, how will he match up against Kevin Garnett? Can Okafor bother KG's shot at all?

Having watched arguably the best game of Kendrick Perkins' career last night I am a little biased. And he could easily get into foul trouble or take a backseat to the stars tonight. But there is no website named "Primoz is a Beast." As a reminder Perk is a Beast.

Getting to know random players on the Bobcats

Gerald Wallace - He left last night's game with a calf strain and his status is a little unclear, hence the question mark in the projected starting lineup. There in lies the great question with Wallace. Can he stay healthy? Prior to last night's game he had dropped more than 25 points in four straight games. When right he flies around the court like a man possessed. He is easily in my top five of non-Celtics players that I like to watch.

Jeff McInnis - At this point in his career I'm not sure he should ever play more than 30 minutes in a game. That's what he did last night. Bobcats fans can't be happy to see that. McInnis should also not be in a room with Charles Oakley.

Jason Richardson - He makes a lot of money for a guy with his skill set (between 11 and 14 million through 2011). Maybe too much. But I still love his game.

Jared Dudley - Former Boston College standout, with a very reasonable contract over the next few seasons. I hope he gets some time.

Adam Morrison and Sean May - Out for the season.

Raymond Felton - During the first two seasons of his career he split time with Brevin Knight. Now Knight is in LA and Felton is the point guard in charge.  

Walter Herrmann - Anyone who is really into fantasy basketball found out about him last spring. If you have no idea who he is plan to be amused/surprised/entertained tonight.

Bobcats' Strengths

They have several versatile, athletic players and when it comes to the salary cap they are basically the the exact opposite of the Knicks. Although Okafor could tie some of the money up at some point.

Bobcats' Weaknesses

They are undersized and if they absolutely needed a bucket I'm not sure who they would have take the shot. Wallace does not really have a half court offense. Does J-Rich get the call? Sean May's injury hurts too.

Random YouTube clip

Little known fact: I love video of professional athletes from their high school days. This Raymond Felton mix qualifies.

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