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Boston Celtics @ Charlotte Bobcats: 11/24/07 - Open Game Thread

I'm torn because part of me wants Doc Rivers to play Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce fewer minutes. But every time I look at the schedule I see a team I want the Celtics to beat. The Bobcats are no exception. Remember last season when they beat the hell out of Pierce in Boston, the Celtics blew a huge lead with the second team playing for most of the fourth quarter and there was an avalanche of tanking stories? That was not fun for anyone. And though Charlotte is playing pretty well (6-6 on the season) they are not in the Celtics' level. I'd like to see Boston take care of business.

You can read about the opponent at Charlotte Blogcat, which is one of my favorite names for a blog ever and Bobcat Bonfire.

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