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Daily Links 11/24

Herald    Celts say, ‘Hasta la vista, baby’ to nemesis Lakers     
Time to mention Green in same breath as elite    
Hey, let’s not forget the Other Two     
Kobe always in spotlight     
Bright Ray on defense  
Celtics-Lakers notes         
Globe   Beaten LA     
They're already making it look easy   
Left alone Perkins steps to the fore, Pruitt to D League   
New generation embraces rivalry         
Celtics too much for Lakers     
MetroWest Daily    Old rivals no threat to Celtics   
Jackson impressed by C's   Post game press conferences    
Pruitt assigned to Flash
Post ups notebook - in game notes   
Celtics Blog    Beauty and the Beast   
LOY's Place    Perk is a Beast as Celtics beat Lakers 107-94   
Celtics 17     Celtics beat Kobe 107-28      
ESPN   Revived Celtics finally getting the better of Kobe, Lakers    
Game recap including video highlights      
Hoopsworld    Kobe says Celtics kicked Lakers butts    
Bryant faces the new look Celtics for the first time    
The early MVP leaders     
Celtics cruise into Charlotte for first meeting with Bobcats
Got Garnett    All Perk-Ed up      
Bangor Daily News    Boston sports fans becoming arrogant?      
Perkisabeast    Perk is a Beast - Celtics dominate LA 107-94        
Southcoast Today    Celtics Lakers finally matters again     
Enterprise   Perkins, Celtics beat LA     
Worcester Telegram   Perkins wrecks Lakers     
House finds home in Mass     
LA Times   Lakers are off on the wrong floor      
Celtics put the lean years behind them     
LA Daily News   Celtics turn tables on Lakers      
Cape Cod Times  Garden is the place to be       
Salt Lake Tribune   Flash eager to take their game to the court     
I'm Just Saying   Hate to say I told you so  
Sports Central   The NBA's polar opposites          
Lakers Basketball Blog   Lakers at Celtics post game     
Nashua Telegraph   Garnett adds new twist to old rivalry  
Courtside View   Will beat LA return?    
Statesman   Story of Celtics:   Paradise Lost & Found    
Connecticut Post  Celtics get support at home and "role" over Lakers     
Shamrock Headband   Thanksgiving promise     
Celtics Insiders   Live from the Garden      

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