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Celtics Look to Keep Streak Going Against Bobcats

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Boston Celtics (10-1) at Charlotte Bobcats (6-5)
Saturday, November 24
7:00 PM ET
TV: NBA LP Ch 754, CSN, News 14 Carolina
Charlotte Bobcats Arena
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Keys to the game:
Defend the Paint With athletic bigs in Okafor and Wallace, the Bobcats look to score in the paint. Brezec is also capable of inside scoring. Raymond Felton is a scorer and can take the ball to the hoop if given an opening. We need to close off the middle and make them score outside.

Exploit their Weakness Their weak spot may be the center spot where Brezec is not a great defender. We should take the ball at him and look to exploit that matchup. Look for passes inside to Perk for easy baskets.

Limit Turnovers The Celtics still turn the ball over too many times. A running team like the Bobcats will capitalize on those turnovers.

Game Notes: Both teams will be playing in the second of back to back games and the Bobcats will also be travelling so there won't be an advantage for either team there. The Celtics are on the road, though and won't have the crowd to lift them up. The Bobcats are a dangerous team and will look to run and shouldn't be taken for granted.

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Starting Matchups
PG:  Rajon Rondo vs Raymond Felton
SG:  Ray Allen vs Jason Richardson
SF:  Paul Pierce vs Gerald Wallace
PF:  Kevin Garnett vs Emeka Okafor
C:    Kendrick Perkins vs Premoz Brezec
Key off the Bench:
Celtics:  Eddie House
Bobcats:   Matt Carroll
Key Matchups 
[image]   Vs  [image]
Paul Pierce PPG 22.3 RPG 5.40 APG 4.6 EFF + 22.20
Gerald Wallace PPG 20.0 RPG 5.20 APG 2.0 EFF + 15.73
Wallace has been playing great and it will be up to Pierce to keep him from putting up big numbers in this game. Wallace is very athletic so could be a handful on defense for Pierce. Wallace is also a good defender so Pierce may have to defer more to his teammates and hopefully they will deliver.
[image]   Vs  [image]
Kevin Garnett PPG 20.7 RPG 13.00 APG 4.2 EFF + 31.20
Emeka Okafor PPG 13.1 RPG 12.50 APG 0.5 EFF + 20.45
Okafor was the 2nd pick in the draft for the Bobcats and has proved to be a very good defensive player. KG will have to work to get his shot off against Okafor who is known for his shot blocking ability. He is not a polished offensive player so KG won't have to work as hard on the defensive end.

Coaching Matchup:
[image] Vs [image]
The Bobcats are coached by former Celtic Sam Vincent in his first year as head coach. Doc should be able to hold his own against a rookie coach.

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