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Kiki breaks down the early MVP race on ESPN:

We're roughly one-seventh the way through the NBA season. Here's an early look at Most Valuable Player candidates who have emerged. Of note, my top two picks here square off Tuesday in Boston.

1. Kevin Garnett, Celtics forward -- Right now, the best player on the best team in the league. He's extremely dominant on both ends of the court. Basically a double-double machine (20.9 ppg, 12.7 rpg). What I love about him is he's so unselfish on the offensive and defensive end. He'll clearly look to pass first, and does all the dirty work on the defensive end. It's one thing to be a dominant player on a weak team, but to be a dominant player on a great team, which the Celtics are, that's saying something.
I didn't even notice that Pierce is on the list too:
10. Paul Pierce, Celtics forward -- Although Garnett may be the best player on Celtics, The Truth has come through at the end of games and dominates in pressure situations. He leads the team in scoring (22.2) and assists (5.2).

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