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Cavaliers Notes

With the holiday weekend, I didn't have time to do a Q&A with any Cavaliers bloggers, so you'll just have to settle for some notes that I find interesting and a few links around the ol' world wide thingy.

  • LeBron has had 4 triple doubles already, including 2 in a row.
  • He has been named player of the week once already.
  • The Cavs lead the league in rebounding with Big Z, Gooden, and James all in the top 30.
  • In case you missed it from training camp, Pavlovic signed, Varejao still hasn't.

Cavalier Attitude is adding Varejao to a short list of hated ex-Cavs.

Anderson Varejao has gone the way of Carlos Boozer.

Sellout.’s Chad Ford reported on Monday night that Varejao is not interested in being a Cavalier anymore and is "just hoping for a sign-and-trade at this point." The unprecedented negotiations between Varejao’s camp and Cavs GM Danny Ferry has hit a massive road block and has left some marks that probably won’t heal very quickly on either side.

Longtime Cavs fan "the Cavalier" from YAYSports is pretty apathetic to the whole thing:

LeBron leads in the NBA in scoring by a large margin. He’s also putting up triple-doubles and monster stats at an alarming rate. ON top of that, the Cavaliers are coming out of this month possibly above .500, which is admirable considering their schedule and other issues. These issues would be Anderson Varejao and Coach Mike’s "offense". (Although it seems the defense is a problem now, as well?)

Has this inspired us to want to watch them? No. And don’t jump all over us for that - we’re not claiming it’s a rational stance. It’s just the ay we are - LeBron’s lax attitude last year destroyed our fandom. We leave the door open for him to earn it back, but he’ll have to keep up this effort for awhile longer.

And you can add him to the list of reluctant Celtics admirers.

The Celtics continue to win, and Arnold shows up to their games sometimes. We almost wish we didn’t hate Boston so much, because this BOS team is awful intriguing, and they seem to be having fun.

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