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Give And Take

Well, I guess these things do even out over an 82 game schedule.  Peter May points out...

If Saturday's win over Charlotte was a gift - and it was - then the Celtics, in the spirit of the season, regifted last night. They feel they gave it away in regulation and then simply were overpowered by James in the OT.

There's something to be said for that line of thinking. Ray Allen, who was 59 of 63 from the line for the season, boinged two freebies with the score tied and 23.1 seconds remaining in regulation. Kevin Garnett's streak of double-doubles ended with a (for him) meager 5-rebound submission. Rajon Rondo may have to go back to his headband; he was 1 of 9 and missed two shots badly in overtime.

Obviously you can't blame Ray Allen too heavily for the loss without immediately giving him credit for the win in the last game.  Games are close and you have to hit your free throws, but it also got to that point because of missed assignments, poor shooting, a hot Drew Gooden early on and LeBron James successfuly taking on the C's 1-on-5 at the end.

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