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Doc For Coach of the Year?

It is early yet (and this was before last night's game), but Matt Watson is putting him in the lead position so far.

1. Doc Rivers, Boston Celtics (11-1)

Everyone knew the Celtics would be good, but how many people figured they'd be this good? Not only do they have the best record in the league, they're just blowing teams out of the water: their +13.0 average point differential is five points better than San Antonio's +8.0, the second-best mark in the league.

Rivers may not be doing more than standing back and watching greatness unfold, but to the victors go the spoils: the longer the C's continue to be the class of the league, the more of a sure-thing that Rivers gets this award. If it happens, Rivers will be a repeat winner, having already won the honor in 1999-00 as a rookie coach with the Orlando Magic. I'm not sure that a world where Rivers wins this award twice before Sloan wins it once is a world I want to live in, but that's where we could be headed.

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