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Daily Links 11/28

Herald   Celtics bow to the King       
No way to stop LeBron      
Globe   Cavs conquer Celtics in OT     
Pruitt back from DLeague and more   The big brothers       
LOY's Place    Celtics crash in Cleveland      
Celtics 24/7     King James takes over in OT, hand Celtics 2nd loss   
Red's Army    Gooden got us       
Columbus Dispatch   LeBron has to be envious of what the Celtics have    
Yahoo Sports   James not ready to concede the East to Boston   
Got Garnett   Rond'Oh!        
20 Second Timeout   Cleveland sends message to Boston     
Plain Dealer   Doc say Cavs team to beat in the East     
Beacon Journal    Cavs handle Celtics Big 3     
Cavs show they plan title defense   
Chronicle Telegram    Three Celtics in search of a championship   
Cape Cod Times    Cape fans scoop up Celtics merchandise 
Fox Sports    Celtics lacking at Point Guard and defense    
Bleacher Report    How the Celtics role players have raised the bar    
Slam    Doc Rivers coach of the year?        
Trading Markets    Kia Motors drive Celtics holiday assists program     
Brothers Judd   It's not like Bill Russell is out there       
Josh Q Public   Cool will get you dead         
Patriot Ledger   LeBron James has lived up to over the top hype     
Lex Nihil Novi   The intersecting fates of Tony Allen and Gabe Pruitt   
The game Bill Walton played for the Yugoslavian National team     
Shamrock Headband   Microcosm          
Sports of Boston   The East's powers are emerging   Celtics flaws exposed     
Daily Herald   Dakota makes shot at buzzer to hand Flash stunning defeat    
Deseret News   Flash drop heartbreaker, Wallace with 16 points, 9 boards    
Albuquerque  Tribune    One drunk's take on the Celtics live     
Connecticut Post   Cavs beat Celts as LeBron takes over     
Boston Now   Scroll to page 11 for Patrick Gilroy's latest column   

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