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Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers: 11/27/07 - Recap

Head over to the Celtics heavy Daily Dime on ESPN for a look at last night's game. That includes this gem from LeBron,

"We don't want any tag. We don't want any Big 3 or whatever. We just go out there and do our job. Z is playing career basketball right now, Drew is getting better, and I'm going to do what I have to do for us to win, of course."

Some comments on LeBron's quote and the game:
  1. It has become pretty clear that players and teams around the league are not impressed with all of the media attention the Celtics have received. And that's fine. After an 11-2 start that attention has been deserved. Furthermore, it is nice to follow a team that everyone it talking about.
  2. How about Drew Gooden last night? He hit shots from all over the floor. However, after watching LeBron interact with Gooden and reading the above quote, I definitely got the sense that James is not 100% sold on the power forward from Kansas.
  3. If Ray Allen knocks down those two free throws at the end of regulation does the game even go to overtime? On the flip side if LeBron drives to the hoop instead of throwing up a deep shot there is a pretty good chance we don't see overtime.
  4. Through 13 games the Celtics have been in every game and lost on the road twice by 2 points and 5 points. There are some things to work on but I'm not complaining.
  5. I found myself saying, "Wow the other Cavs are a lot better than I realized." Then LeBron sat down for a stretch. Whole different story.

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