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Posting and Toasting

As a change of pace from my recent game preview format, I decided to trade questions with Seth from Posting and Toasting. I started following P&T when Seth joined SB Nation, which was shortly before I got the call up to the show. He won me over with his "Know Your Opponent" feature prior to each game. One in particular from last spring stands out. Though I can't find the link, I can still share the quote:

"#0 Gilbert Arenas- One day last summer, a 9 year-old boy named Billy spilled some grape soda on Gilbert's new pants. Billy was apologetic, but Gilbert vowed revenge. 6 months later, Gilbert showed up in Billy's hometown and single-handedly scored 188 points against his CYO team."

Now that is quality. So check out his responses below and see what the Knicks community is saying over on Posting and Toasting.

Me: At the time of the big Zach Randolph trade I remember wondering how he would play with Eddy Curry. In hindsight I should have been wondering what it meant for David Lee. Does Lee deserve more than 25 minutes a game? Or am I overvaluing Lee?

Seth from P&T: More than 25 minutes? Probably. More than 35? Probably not. People have been clamoring for Lee to be a starter, even at Randolph's expense, but I think he's perfectly suited for the bench. He's extremely valuable as an energy guy, a finisher, and a fantastic rebounder. I think we expect a starter to be able to either create some offense, play solid man defense, or both. Lee does neither with any consistency, so I like him coming off the bench. If that means 25 minutes some nights, then that might be the best route. For his part, D-Lee's never complained about the inconsistency of his PT. Time on the bench is more time to mack ladies, anyway.

Me: Speaking of Curry. Financial feasibility aside, would you trade him for Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah?

Seth from P&T: Absolutely not. Talent-wise, Thomas may develop enough to make it an even deal, but I just like Curry a lot more than either of those guys. Punks.

Me: I always thought of Nate Robinson as an energy guy that never met a shot he didn't like. However, there have been rumblings about his maturation as an all around player. What is he bringing to the table this season?

Seth from P&T: Nate's come a long way. He's using his size and quickness to his advantage now to become a pretty pesky defender. On the other end, he's still prone to force up a shot or two, but much less so than previous seasons. Add in his long-existing ability to whirl through the paint and come up with baskets and dimes, and you've got a pretty legit player. And he can dunk. I've really enjoyed watching him this year.

Me: Ultimately how do you see this season unfolding for the Knicks?

Seth from P&T: Given that I've already come just short of calling the Knicks a contender AND written off the season completely at various points in these first 13 games, I have no clue. The most fitting course for the rest of the season would be alternating 4-game winning and losing streaks from here on out, followed by a finish in the 9th or 10th spot. That would fit in line with the frustration and inconsistency of the first few weeks, no?

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