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Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks: 11/29/07 - Open Game Thread: "Finally the Celtics...

...HAVE COME BACK TO TNT" edition.

My last post revolved around questions and answers with Seth from Posting and Toasting. If you haven't been over there yet do so to check out the latest "Know Your Opponent", which Barnesgasm runs now.

"#0, Leon Powe: A quickly cancelled timeout contest to pump up the crowd at the TD BankNorth Garden was called "Try Not to be Killed by Leon Powe", in which a randomly chosen competitor from the crowd had 30 seconds to escape from a Minotaur-esque labrynth with Leon Powe inside, or else they would be torn asunder by Powe. Winners recieved a $50 gift certificate to Modells. There were no winners."

But that aside I hate the Knicks. I count the beating they handed the Celtics in Boston last year as one of the worst losses of the season. I'd love to see the Celtics, in a triumphant return to national television, run them out of the building.  I'd also like to see Ray Allen play thirty five minutes or less. Preferably less. I'm not sure I can see both.

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