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Celtics Look to Bounce Back on TNT


 New York Knicks (4-9) at Boston Celtics (11-2)
Thursday, November 29
8:00 PM ET
TD Banknorth Garden 

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Game Notes.   
The game will be on TNT, a sign of the respect the Celtics are getting this season with their two new stars. We didn't have any games on TNT last season.   Their previous appearance  on TNT was March 16, 2006, in Miami, their only appearance that season.  . They haven't had a TNT game at home since April 10, 2003, when they hosted the 76ers . 

 The Garden has given the team a lot of energy this season so far.  The Celtics are undefeated at hom and should stay that way if they play like they are capable of playing, with tough defense, ball movement and unselfish play.  

The Celtics will be looking to rebound from their loss but with 4 games in 6 days, hopefully Doc will watch their minutes, or they will be useless on Sunday in the rematch against the Cavs.  The Knicks have been a circus side show so far this season with the antics of Marbury and Isaiah.  But, they have been playing well lately and have won 2 in a row.  They have good players if they can get past the distractions and just play ball so they shouldn't be taken for granted.   The Celtics have a bullseye on their backs this season and every team will be up to play them.  The Celtics have to match that intensity or they will lose a lot of games against sub .500 teams.  

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Starting Matchups  
PG:   Rajon Rondo vs Stephon Marbury
SG:   Ray Allen vs  Jamaal Crawford
SF:   Paul Pierce vs  Quenton Richarcson
PF:   Kevin Garnett vs Zach Randolph
C:     Kendrick Perkins vs Eddie Curry
Key Matchups
Randolph has been playing well for the Knicks.  The Knicks love to get inside and score at the basket.  KG will have to work to stop the penetration.  Also, KG should have the advantage on the offensive end and hopefully will get the ball and have more than 2 shots in the 4th quarter. 
Perk versus Eddie Curry is going to be a key matchup.  Perk has had big games in the past against the Knicks and hopefully he will come through again in this game on both ends of the floor.   Perk has the strength to push Curry out from the basket and he also has the ability to box him out and win the rebounding battle.  Hopefully Doc won't go small with Curry and Randolph in the game. 
Keys to the Game
Close Down the Middle
  It will be up to Perk and KG to defend the basket.  The Knicks will try to get to the hoop with their big men as well as their guards.  Keeping them out of the paint will be a key to winning this game.

Energy and Hustle  The Celtics played like they were sleep walking at times against the Cavs.  They will need to bring more hustle on the boards and going for loose balls and on defense or this may be another loss.   The Celtics got out rebounded by the Cavs and that was mostly due to a lack of hustle to go after the boards. 
Defense The Celtics will need to defend the guards on the perimeter as well as defend the basket.  The Knicks have some good 3 point shooters and so the Celtics will have to pay attention to them to keep them from beating us from beyond the arc. 

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