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Knicks Quit - Celtics Roll


When this game started, I was ready to write about how Rondo was hitting his mid range jumpers and Perkins and the rest of the team were playing tough defense and lots of fun stuff like that.  That's still true, but it doesn't really matter.  This can hardly be designated a game.  It was more like a scrimmage. 

That team flat out quit tonight.  Zeke has to be fired after this.  Has to. 

The Knicks are a disgrace to the NBA right now.  I mean, this wasn't even a fun game to watch.  Just pathetic.  I'm not even a Knicks fan and I want them to blow that whole thing up for the good of the league.

At least the C's starters are getting a good rest for tomorrows game in Miami.


(that image is courtesy of the Basketball Jones )

Update: See the "highlights" here  

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